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The famous Zoo Berlin is located in the middle of the city not far from the shopping mile Kurfürstendamm. There are 2 large zoos in Berlin. The Zoo Berlin discussed here is the former zoo of West Berlin. The other is Zoo Friedrichsfelde, the zoo of former East Berlin.

Entrance Zoo Berlin

The Zoological Garden Berlin is an old zoo, already in the 19th century animals were kept here and shown to the public. In the beginning it was mainly pheasants. The Berlin Zoo is one of the most important zoos in Europe in terms of the number of animals and their importance. However, some of the enclosures have become somewhat older. The Zoo Berlin is not comparable with modern zoos like the Zoom in Gelsenkirchen. But there are a lot of animals to see. The most important inhabitant is probably the panda bear. Bao Bao is the only panda in Germany. Otherwise there are of course almost all important big wild animals like elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes, great apes etc..

The 4 most popular tickets for Berlin for 2024

1. TV Tower ticket: At Corona times, you can only go up to the highest building in Germany only by reservation (online tickets). At other times very often long waiting times without reservation: Link to the Tickets

2. Boat tour on the river Spree passing great sights (1 hour):  Link to the Tickets

3. Hitler-Bunker and Story-Museum: One of the most popular attractions in Berlin. Made a strong impression on us: Link to the Tickets

4. Ticket Illuseum Berlin: Great, modern museum about optical illusions, currently a hit in Berlin: Link to the Tickets

The modernization of Berlin Zoo is in progress. Some of the animals, such as the penguins and seals, have already been given new accommodation in recent years. An old problem of the Zoo Berlin was the lack of space. This was solved with an extension to the Tiergarten Park including a bridge over the Landwehr Canal. Further conversions are being planned. Of course this costs a lot of money, donors and sponsors are welcome.

Next to the Berlin Zoo is an aquarium, one of the most important in Germany. For the aquarium (fish, but also reptiles and amphibians) you have to pay extra admission, but there is a combination ticket zoo/aquarium.

Opening hours Zoo Berlin 2024 : Daily from 9 am. In winter until 16:30 because of early darkness, in summer until 18:30.

Entrance fees Zoo Berlin 2024 : Adults pay 15,50 Euro, children 8 Euro. There are discounts for many population groups. The aquarium costs about the same. If you look at both, a combination ticket costs 21 euros for adults (as of January 2020).

Berlin Welcome Card: One ticket for local transport and sightseeing

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Directions to Berlin Zoo: As the name suggests, the “Bahnhof Zoo” is the station at the Zoological Garden Berlin. Since the famous book by Christiane F. the area has changed a lot, drug addicts and prostitution can hardly be seen here anymore. Several S-Bahn lines, the underground lines U3 and U9, regional trains of the Deutsche Bahn and even some long-distance trains stop at Bahnhof Zoo.

From the train station it is about 100 meters to the entrance of the zoo. Another entrance is in the south of the Zoological Garden with the famous entrance gate (see picture above).

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