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The Bode Museum is one of the 5 large museums on the Museum Island in Berlin-Mitte, the largest museum ensemble in the world. It is an art museum and exhibits mainly sculptures, coins and Byzantine art. The museum was founded in 1904. It is named after the historian Wilhelm von Bode, who was instrumental in building the museum.

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The Bode Museum is a grandiose building. Even the entrance hall is overwhelming. As with the other 4 museums on the Museum Island, the architecture of the building in the Bode-Museum is an attraction for museum visitors.

The 4 most popular tickets for Berlin for 2024

1. TV Tower ticket: At Corona times, you can only go up to the highest building in Germany only by reservation (online tickets). At other times very often long waiting times without reservation: Link to the Tickets

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Entrance fees Bode Museum Berlin 2022

If you only want to visit the Bode Museum, you have to pay an entrance fee of 10 Euro (with reduction, a ticket costs 5 Euro): Online-Tickets for the Bode-Museum

However, most visitors want to visit several or all museums on the Museum Island. There is a great Museum Pass Berlin, which is valid in more than 30 museums (among many others all museums on the Museum Island) and costs 29 euros (valid for 3 days). This ticket makes sense for many museum visitors and tourists. You can buy the Museumspass Berlin on the internet on this link.

Opening hours Bode Museum Berlin 2022

Daily from 10 am to 6 pm. Thursday is open until 20 o’clock, Monday is closed.

Location Bode Museum

It is best to take the S-Bahn stop Hackesche Markt and walk 5 minutes to the Museum Island.

While the other 4 museums are located next to each other, the Bode-Museum is located a little off the beaten track at the northern tip of the Museum Island. Due to the current large reconstruction of the Pergamon Museum Berlin, you have to leave the museum island coming from the other 4 museums over a bridge and go over another bridge back to the island to the Bode-Museum. There are signs, in total only 4-5 minutes walk.

Info Bode-Museum Berlin

There are 3 major exhibitions in the Bode-Museum: The Sculpture Collection, the Numismatic Collection and the Museum of Byzantine Art.

The collection of sculptures is the largest in Germany. Works from the early Middle Ages to the 18th century are on display. The focus is on sculptures from Germany, Italy and other European countries.

Andrea della Robbia: Resurrection ; Picture: By Gunnar Bach Pedersen – Photographed by herself, Common Free, Link

World-famous among the sculptures are works from the Renaissance from Italy, such as those by Andreas della Robbia (see picture) or Donatello. Other sculptures in the Bode-Museum, e.g. from the Thirty Years’ War or from the Baroque, are also among the highlights.

In the large coin collection, the coin cabinet in the Bode-Museum, the entire history of coins is covered. It begins in the 7th century B.C. and goes as far as the Euro.

In the Museum of Byzantine Art in Berlin’s Bode Museum you will find objects from the 3rd century to the 15th century from the Eastern Roman Empire. These include sculptures, mosaics and much more.

In March 2017 there was a big art theft in the Bode Museum. A 100 kg (!) gold coin worth over 3 million euros was stolen. Suspects were arrested, the coin remains missing (as of the beginning of 2018).

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