Television Tower Berlin (Fernsehturm Berlin)

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The Berlin television tower (Fernsehturm, TV Tower) is the tallest building in Germany. Built in 1969 by the GDR, the tower is near Alexanderplatz in Berlin Mitte is the city’s most visited tourist attraction alongside the Pergamon Museum. More than 1 million people visit the television tower every year, although a ride in an elevator costs at least 24.50 euros (as of early 2022).

Beware of waiting times: There are 2 elevators to the TV-Tower. During the season or on weekends, the capacity is often not sufficient, which results in hours of waiting time. However, you can buy more tickets without queuing for a few euros more on the Internet beforehand (so-called Fast Track Tickets or Skip-the-Line-Tickets). Then you are quickly on top without much waiting times. More about this below under tickets TV-Tower Berlin.

>>>  On this link you can buy tickets for the TV Tower Berlin

Despite the high entrance fees, the trip to the TV Tower is worthwhile. With 368 meters including the antenna, the entire building is the highest building in Germany. The sphere with viewing platform and restaurant is at a height of about 200 to 210 meters. You can see the whole city from the centre of Berlin in all directions.

Admission Prices Television Tower Berlin 2023

The ticket at the foot of the TV tower at the cash desk is the cheapest ticket. There the tickets cost about 24 euros for adults, children from 4 years 11.50 euros, smaller children do not have to pay anything,

However, you often have to wait in line for hours. One of the elevator operators told us that the waiting time is sometimes up to 8 hours! You can buy more tickets for the Berlin TV tower on the Internet for a few euros:  On this link you can find the tickets

These online tickets cost a few euros more, but you hardly have to queue for them. There are two entrances at the bottom of the Fernsehturm Berlin. One is for the entrance for visitors with online tickets (Fast View) and the other with the long queue for people without tickets.

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Berlin Welcome Card: One ticket for local transport and sightseeing

For most tourists it is worth buying the Berlin Welcome Card. On the one
hand, it is a ticket for local transport. The ticket is also a discount card for
many attractions and sights in Berlin (also 25 % discount in the TV Tower Berlin). You can buy the Welcome Ticket on the Internet before you travel to Berlin. It’s worth it! There are different tickets for 2 days to 6 days.   >>>  On this link you will find more information and the possibility to order the Welcome-Ticket

Opening Hours Television Tower Berlin 2023

The elevators take visitors up the Fernsehturm and down every day from 9 a.m. to midnight. In winter the opening hours are one hour shorter (10 a.m. to midnight, November to February). Despite the long opening hours there are often enormous queues.

>>>  On this link you can buy tickets for the TV Tower Berlin

Ride with the elevator to the Berlin television tower and view

Once you finally have a ticket, have passed the security check and are in the elevator, it suddenly happens very quickly. In far less than a minute you are 203 meters up. You can walk all around and look through 60 windows in all directions. You can’t go outside.

The descriptions at the windows in super done and exemplary. Under each of the 60 windows, which are arranged in a circle, there is a photo map with the section you see by the respective window. In the map the important places of interest are entered with numbers. Beside the photo map these sights are described with picture and text more exactly. A total of 240 important things in Berlin like houses, airfields etc. are described. The whole thing is in 4 different languages (German, English, French and Spanish). Really great done, in our opinion you can’t do such a thing better.

You can stay up as long as you want. There is a toilet and a bar upstairs. Coffee, small beer or cola cost about 3 Euro, there are also small dishes in the bar.

>>>  On this link you can buy tickets for the TV Tower Berlin

Restaurant in the Berlin television tower

One floor or 4 metres above the viewing platform, there is a restaurant in the Berlin television tower at a height of 207 metres, which rotates in a circle. As far as we know, a circumnavigation takes about 15 minutes.

Also the restaurant  in the Fernsehturm is very popular, you should book this also in the Internet before. It is a good restaurant with great food.

You can only go up the stairs from the viewing platform to the restaurant if you have reserved a table. So the restaurant can only be visited by reservation.

In the internet there are 4 different tickets for the restaurant on the Berlin TV tower:

1. Only reserve a table ticket:  CLICK HERE
2.Book ticket only table with window seat: CLICK HERE
3.Ticket with lunch: CLICK HERE
4.Ticket with panorama dinner: CLICK HERE

After visiting the Fernsehturm Berlin, you can go downstairs through a souvenir shop with clothes, postcards, etc.

Conclusion: Is it worth visiting the Fernsehturm?

We liked it very much. The ride with the elevator in far less than 1 minute in 200 meters height is great. The view over Berlin is breathtaking. We especially liked the description of the sights under the windows.

Of course the thing is quite expensive with more than 20 Euro. You should buy the tickets for the TV Tower Berlin absolutely before in the Internet, several hours queue around about 7 euro to save is not worthwhile.  >>> Here you can buy the tickets

Great boat tour for tourists Berlin center (1 hour)

Every day in the season thousands of tourists take a trip on an excursion boat in the center of Berlin. By far the most popular tour starts in the center of Berlin and passes many sights such as government district with Reichstag and Chancellery, Museum Island and Berlin Cathedral. The excursion by ship lasts about 1 hour and costs 18 euros. You should definitely book online, with a guarantee of a seat:  

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