Friedrichsfelde Zoo (Berlin)

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The zoo Friedrichsfelde is the formerly largest and most important zoo of the GDR. The zoo in East Berlin was preserved after the fall of communism. Today there are two zoos in the capital of Germany – the famous Zoo Berlin near the Kudamm and the railway station Zoo in the west of the city and the zoo Friedrichsfelde, which is also called Tierpark Berlin.

Tierpark Friedrichsfelde Entrance

Tierpark Friedrichsfelde is the zoo in Berlin with the largest area. But the West Berlin Zoo has more and the probably spectacular animals. But the zoo Friedrichsfelde has caught up a lot in the last years. Many new exotic animals from different continents have been added in recent years. Others received new facilities and buildings. At the main entrance there is a large bear enclosure, which is also visible from outside (for non-zoob visitors) through the so-called bear show window. Altogether the zoo Friedrichsfelde belongs today to the best zoos in East Germany. There are many ways – more than 20 km in total. Especially during the week there is always a place where you can find peace and quiet. Also the gardens and parks in the Tierpark Berlin can now keep up with other zoos. Otherwise there is not much to see in Friedrichsfelde, as in the whole district Lichtenberg, prefabricated buildings from the time of the GDR determine the townscape.

List of animals in the zoo Friedrichsfelde (excerpt): In total there are almost 900 (!) different animal species. Highlights are e.g. various bears (black bears, polar bears, spectacled bears), African and Asian elephants, rhinos, hippos, zebras, buffalos, antelopes, deer, pigs, sheep, goats, wolves, badgers, hyenas, dromedaries, different kangaroos, sea lions, many species of monkeys, bisons, crocodiles, monitors, varis, snakes, penguins, pelicans, moose, ibex, mouflons, chamois, many species of birds like kiwis and flamingos and much more.

Approach Tierpark Friedrichsfelde: Most zoo visitors come with the U-5 stop Tierpark. Trams also stop in front of the zoo’s main entrance.

Entrance fees 2022 Tierpark Friedrichsfelde

In 2022 adults pay 14,50 Euro, reduced rate 9,50 Euro (e.g. unemployed, students), children up to 15 years 7 Euro. There are family tickets (e.g. 2 adults and their children 36 Euro). Dogs on a short leash are allowed.

Berlin Welcome Card, a ticket for local transport and sightseeing

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In the zoo in East Berlin, for example, there is a 25% discount on the admission price with the Welcome-Ticket.

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Opening hours Tierpark Berlin 2022 : In summer (end of March to September) 9 -18:30 hrs. In other seasons the zoo closes at 16:30 or 17:30 due to early darkness. The ticket office always closes one hour before closing time.


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