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The Alte Museum is one of the 5 largest museums on Berlin’s Museum Island, the largest museum complex in the world. Like the New Museum Berlin and the Pergamon Museum, it is a historical museum that deals with antiquity. The other two, the Nationalgalerie and the Bode-Museum, are art museums. In the Altes Museum there are large parts of the Collection of Classical Antiquities in Berlin, especially from the Roman and Greek epochs. In the Altes Museum, the Museum Pass Berlin is valid.

The Old Museum was opened in 1830. Already the architecture of the building is very interesting and powerful. Many things about and in the museum building by Karl Friedrich Schinkel are reminiscent of antiquity. The columns in front of the entrance had a particularly strong effect on us (picture below).

Entrance fees Altes Museum Berlin 2022

If you only go to the Alte Museum and not to the other museums on the Museum Island, you pay 10 Euro for admission (reduced 5 Euro): Online tickets for the Alte Museum

Fortunately, one does not have to pay extra in each of the museums, there is a total ticket for 18 euros for all museums.

Even better is the Museumspass Berlin, with which you can go to over 30 major museums in Berlin for a period of 3 days for 29 euros (in January 2020). This museum pass is available on the Internet on this website.

Opening hours Altes Museum Berlin 2022

The Alte Museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., with 2 exceptions: Monday is rest day, Thursday is open until 20 o’clock. The other museums on the Museum Island have similar opening hours, some are also open on Monday.

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Info and description Altes Museum Berlin 2022

The famous Collection of Classical Antiquities in Berlin is divided into 3 neighbouring museums. In the most visited Pergamon Museum are the large antique replicas, in the Neues Museum exhibits from Cyprus and some Roman provinces. The classical, large collection of the Romans, Etruscans and Greeks is in the Altes Museum described here.

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On the ground floor are the exhibits from Greece. They are arranged in time, the tour begins around the 10th century BC. One sees things like sculptures, vessels and jewellery from ancient Greece. Very well-known is for example the “Praying Boy” (see picture) of the artist Boidas from the 3rd century BC,

From School of Lysipp,, Public Domain, Link

No less well known is the “Berlin Goddess”, a marble statue probably from the 6th century BC. There is also a room with an antique coin collection.

In the upper floor are the works from the time of the Romans and Etruscans. The busts (heads) of Caesar and Cleopatra, which stand side by side, are well known.

Youtube movie about the Altes Museum (3 min)

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