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Almost everyone has heard the term “Hard Rock Cafe” before. It is an American cafe & restaurant chain with branches worldwide. One of the four branches in Germany is in Berlin, centrally located on Kurfürstendamm. If you want to go to the Hard Rock Cafe in Berlin, you should book in advance on the Internet. It is always very crowded and there are long queues at the entrance.

>>>> You can reserve a table on this link

The Hard Rock Cafe serves American and international food like gigantic burgers. The portions are really big. In addition, a lot of alcohol is drunk and good rock music is played. Sometimes live bands play in the evening. Most of the visitors are tourists from all over the world.

In the Berlin Hard Rock Cafe there is also a shop like in all Hard Rock Cafes. Clothes are sold here. The best sellers for decades are modern T-shirts and sweaters with the inscription “Hard Rock Cafe Berlin”. A t-shirt of this kind costs around 28 euros when we visit it at the beginning of 2022 . They are available in many colours.

Important: The Hard Rock Cafe Berlin is well known and well visited. If all tables are full, you have to wait in a queue at the entrance. It can take hours. You can book a table on the Internet, but you have to buy a meal (menu) right away. We recommend the big meal (Diamond Menu), as it costs only 3 Euro more than the other smaller menu (Gold Menu). >>>>  At this link you can make a reservation

Location Hard Rock Cafe Berlin

The popular restaurant is located in the middle of the central Kurfürstendamm between the underground stops “Kurfürstendamm” and “Uhlandstraße”. The Uhlandstraße station is closer. From there you walk towards the Gedächtniskirche, after a few meters on the right side you will see the Hard Rock Cafe Berlin.

General information about Hard Rock Cafes

2 Americans opened the first Hard Rock Cafe over 40 years ago in London. Branches followed in the USA and later all over the world. In Germany there are 4 Hard Rock Cafes, in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne. They are all in the best location in the city centre. Altogether you can find Hard Rock Cafes in 70 countries on all continents worldwide. Particularly popular are the shops in all branches with the legendary T-shirts etc. with the inscription Hard Rock Cafe plus name of the city. Most of the time there is a bar next to tables. Almost everywhere in the world the Hard Rock Cafes are constantly overcrowded, especially in the evening. That’s why you should also make reservations in Berlin:

>>>> You can book a table on this link


Opening hours Hard Rock Cafe Berlin 2024

The restaurant is open daily from 11:30 to 23:30, on Friday and Saturday even until 0:30

.Even longer are the opening hours of the bar: every day from 10 am to 1 am

.The shop with the T-shirts etc. named “Rock Shop” has every day (also Sunday) from 10 am to midnight on.

Short Youtube video (2 min)

>>>> You can book a table on this link


Directly opposite on Kurfürstendamm are a few interesting shops. On the one hand here is the shop of Tesla, here you can have a look at the American e-car. Next door to Tesla is the big Apple-Store Berlin and a branch of Starbucks. If you don’t get a place in the Hard Rock Cafe Berlin and haven’t reserved a place, you can eat a good Berlin Currywurst in the snack bar Meineke 27 next door.

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