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Marzahn is a district in the far east of Berlin. Large parts of Marzahn are a huge prefabricated housing estate – the largest in Germany.

Typical skyscrapers in Marzahn

A visit to Marzahn is especially interesting for people from the west. Perhaps it is the area in Berlin that has changed the least since the fall of communism. Many of the prefabricated buildings have of course been renovated, but the typical GDR architecture cannot be overlooked. Many younger people move away from Marzahn. So the proportion of older people in Marzahn is increasing. By the way, Marzahn is much better than its reputation: both the unemployment rate and the crime rate are lower in Marzahn than in many West Berlin districts. The prices in Marzahn are low – this is especially true for the restaurants.

A large shopping centre called Eastgate has been built at Marzahn S-Bahn station. It is one of the largest shopping centres in the east of Berlin.

How to get to Marzahn: You can reach Marzahn by S-Bahn Berlin or by tram. If you have time, it is more interesting to take the tram from Alexanderplatz through large parts of East Berlin. The journey takes almost three quarters of an hour.

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