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Treptower Park is a city park in the east of Berlin that has been around since the 19th century. It is one of the most popular parks in the city; hardly any other park in Berlin sees so many people. Treptower Park was in East Berlin (GDR) at the time of the division of Germany. The park is home to one of the largest monuments or memorials in Germany, the Soviet Memorial. The park is directly on the wide river Spree. Treptower Park also includes a well-known island in the Spree, the Island of Youth.

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The city park has its own S-Bahn station called “Treptower Park”. If you get off here, you stand directly at the beginning of the large park, the park in the Berlin district of Treptow in almost one square kilometre in size.

Unfortunately, the park is split in half lengthwise by a busy road. The more popular part among Berliners is the half of the park along the Spree.

In the park on the banks of the Spree

There are many meadows in Treptower Park. This is where Berliners lie in the sun in summer, and picnics are also very popular. Often many thousands of people are in the recreation area at the same time. However, due to the large area, Treptower Park is almost never overcrowded.

Right at the entrance at the S-Bahn station along the Spree are about 10 huts selling fast food and drinks. Opposite on the Spressufer it a landing stage for passenger boats.

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In the middle of Treptower Park is a fountain with a nearly 10-metre high fountain. Bathing in the fountain in summer is especially popular with very young children between 1 and 4 years.

At the end of Treptower Park is an island in the Spree, the Island of Youth. You can get to the Spree Island via a large footbridge.

The Island of Youth (left) can be reached via a bridge.

The Soviet Memorial is on the other side of the road through the park. The memorial, which covers several hectares, commemorates the fallen Soviet soldiers in World War II. The memorial was built a few years after the war; Treptower Park is, after all, in the territory of the former GDR (East Berlin).

How to get to Treptower Park: The best way is to take the Ringbahn (S-Bahn S41 and S42). The stop is simply called Treptower Park. Buses also run through the park, there are several stops on the road through the park (lines 165 and 265). So you can walk to the end (about 1.5 kilometres) and then take the bus back to the S-Bahn.




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